Haoge Lu

Attending the NYC trip is currently the best college choice I have made. As a freshmen, I was very afraid of what to expect. In the beginning, I thought the trip was just a “fun, school” trip. However, my view immediately changed after Julie emailed me that I have to dress professionally. In addition, I was more intimated when Julie requested my resume, which I had never written. But as our group arrived at the companies, with the help of Julie and Prof. Rubin, I gained the confident to talk with the employees of the companies, asked them many questions, and made important connections. I even personally gave my resume to one of employee at JP Morgan – I learned the proper way of communicating with employers and giving my resume at the proper time. Above all, I have seemed the influence and the status of the iSchool. Many of the high executives of the companies really respected the iSchool and really encouraged all of us to work at their companies in the future. To be honest, I really wanted to transfer out SU after two years. But after this trip, I no longer have interest to transfer and want to finish my four-year college degree at the iSchool.

Daniel Monroy

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to join fellow ischooler’s on the road trip to NYC. As a senior coming into this year, I faced great uncertainty in terms of the direction of my future. It was hard for me to imagine large companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, and others would have such enthusiasm and confidence in Syracuse ischool students. It was evident through the presence of CEOs and other guest speakers pitching ischool students to come join their company. I have learned many things on this trip. I learned what kind of skills and characteristic these employers look for in applicants. I learned the inside fundamentals and the corporate culture behind each firm, all differencing from one another. I learned where I could fit in, and where I could not. I learned and figured out one direction I could take my career, and another direction I might not take. But most importantly, I learned that I have underestimated the ischool program, and I have also underestimated myself. These firms have shown great confidence in the potential ischool students can bring into their company. Perhaps I should have great confidence in myself as well.

Madison Schwartz

Never in my life have I considered working at a bank- it just never crossed my mind. After the road trip I could 100% see myself working at Bank of America. I was more than impressed with their presentation to us. The fact we heard the Chief Technical Officer speak says enough for itself, plus the phenomenal view. That presentation truly inspired me to look into a technical career at Bank of America, which is totally off my planned track of accounting.

I really enjoyed the road trip for many reasons: I learned so many new things, met new people from the ischool and had such cool experiences (and food.) It was hard being a freshman at the presentations because being only one month in everything they said was a different language but there were also advantages to being young. I got great insight on what courses to take and who to talk too in the future. This gives me four whole years to jump start my career. Although I am still unclear about many things they spoke about it makes me eager to learn. Another plus of the trip was I got to bond with other fellow ischool students. I met some very nice and helpful upperclassmen while also getting to bond with other freshmen. I can easily say I made a few new friends on this trip which is really exciting. Lastly was the cool experiences, we got to see places that some employees haven’t even seen. One of the presenters at Bank of America said that was his first time on the 51st floor, while one of the presenters from Deloitte also said she had never been to that location. Every company put on their A game in order to impress US. The food was also terrific, especially the appetizers served at Beer Authority. This road trip certainly clarified companies I have no interest in working for as well as taught me new places I could see my future.

Like I said before being a freshman is hard. We still lack knowledge and don’t have the same networking skills as the upperclassmen. I found it hard to know how to network correctly and couldn’t formulate questions as intelligent as some of the older people. I hope by the time next road trip comes up this will have changed and I can make some connections that will last me a long time.

Overall I wouldn’t change a thing about the road trip (except maybe maybe more sleep) and am looking forward too many more with my ischool family.

Ryan Ratty

When I got back to my dorm room, after I got off the bus and schlepped my bags from the Life Sciences building back to Sadler Hall, the first thing I thought of doing was writing this reflection. Over the past 27 hours, I was fortunate enough to go on a trip and experience unbelievable companies that are looking for Syracuse University graduates. While I’m a freshman and I still don’t know exactly what I want to tailor my iSchool education to, I would be fibbing you if I said I didn’t have the time of my life on this trip.

Networking with employees that were once in my shoes hit real close to home. For about five weeks now, I’ve enjoyed my Syracuse experience. I’ve met a ton of new people, I’ve enjoyed my classes, and I’ve had a blast at the sporting events. However, this trip was the first experience of my college experience where I truly loved something. Visiting companies like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity, and KPMG showed me first hand what it takes to be successful and enjoy a career in the Financing/Consulting world.

I’ve known for awhile now just how innovative the technology field is, but seeing it first-hand in the greatest city in America really just strengthened my view towards the field. Never in my life have I been more excited to be in this field and see what it offers and what it could mean for me in the future, as I look into summer internship opportunities and full-time positions after college.

As a freshman, I’ll have a ton of other opportunities to do more field trips and learn more about my field and how it is applied in the working world. Going on this trip was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned so many things, took so many notes, and networked with so many people, both alums and current iSchool students. My goal was to come home from this trip with a better knowledge in my field. I’m so honored to have been apart of this trip. Words cannot explain just how amazing my experience was. This trip just showed to me again that Information Management and Technology is the field to be in, this is what I want to do, and Syracuse University is the perfect school to get an education in this field.

McKenzie Miller

As a senior who has already signed an offer for after graduation, I was a little skeptical about attending the iSchool Road Trip as I figured most of the trip would be focused on getting students jobs.    However I had heard only wonderful things about the trip in the past and decided to sign up anyways.  I’m extremely glad that I did.

The trip was an action-packed, none-stop networking event.  After graduation I will be working at EY as a technology consultant.  The reason I initially signed up was to compare EY to the other Big Four companies that we were visiting, KPMG and Deliotte.  I was surprised to find that every company had a slightly different culture and a different approach to recruiting students.  EY is much more employee-oriented, and focused mainly on what the company can do for its employees.  Deliotte went more in-depth on the cool projects that their consultants have the opportunity to work on.  And KPMG discussed all the great benefits offered to the employees to best maintain a work-life balance.

As for the non-consulting companies, I was pleasantly surprised by their different approaches.  My favorite company to visit was Bank of America.  The woman who spoke was one of the Chief Technology Officers and she spent the beginning of her time discussing her past and how she ended up at BoA.  She came from an under-privileged area and worked her way to the top.  I thought it was highly motivational, particularly for the students in the room who might have similar backgrounds.  She then went in to the details on the company and why it stands out from their competition.  The session ended with a panel of iSchool graduates and a networking event.

JP Morgan, Fidelity, and Goldman Sachs all had different approaches.  JP Morgan brought in all of their alumni to hold a panel and talk about how the iSchool benefited their future at the company.  Fidelity took us on a tour and promoted their Leap Program.  And the favorite for most of the students, Goldman Sachs, discussed their positions in Internal Audit and how they’re expanding their recruiting efforts to include the iSchool.

Overall, it was a very successful weekend.

Jaime Creighton

I am a sophomore both in the iSchool and Whitman. This past roadtrip was the second one that I’ve attended so far at my time here at Syracuse. I have to say for me, this recent road trip was incredible. Not only did it reassure me with what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it showed me how much the iSchool has helped me grow in the past year. On the road trip of Fall 2014, I didn’t know what networking was, I didn’t know how to talk to people, and I just overall felt uncomfortable. This could be due to the fact that I was just a freshman but this trip was a much better experience for me. My two favorite companies that we visited were JP Morgan Chase and EY. Both of these companies had a strong presence of SU Alumni that were excited to talk to us and give us their advice. They seemed excited and passionate about their jobs, which is what made me want to work for those companies even more. You could tell the companies wanted to talk to us and wanted us to ask questions. I’m personally very interested in working with financial and banking firms doing consulting so this road trip was extremely beneficial to me. I think students who we’rent interested in working in this industry still were able to get the feeling on how much companies are attracted to us and why the iSchool is so special.

Craig Sussen

This was my first road trip so I was not sure what to expect out of myself or the companies I was visiting. One thing I did not expect was how fast pace the trip was. One piece of advice that Jeff and Julie gave to us was to pay close attention to each company to learn about the culture of their work force. I thought the differences were going to be minimal and slight. However, each company was immensely different. Bank of America’s work force seemed exceptionally enthusiastic and actually cared about the projects they were involved in. I had a great conversation with one of the recruiters of Bank of America and he implored me to contact him after giving me his card.

One thing that Syracuse does particularly well is allowing their students to network with other companies and alumni. Each college claims this, but I feel Syracuse is the only school that goes out of their way to get this done. My friends from other colleges are doing nothing like this, which made me tremendously proud of my school.

I finally see the potential I have at the iSchool and what it truly offers its students. In my opinion, the trip was a 10/10 for organization, engaging activities and faculty student relationships. I will definitely be going on more road trips in the future and cannot wait to seize the opportunities in front of me.

Kyle Davis

The iSchool Road Trip to New York was one of the most informative and valuable experiences I’ve had in the search for internships and a future career. The opportunity to walk right into the corporate offices of the companies, and see first-hand the work environment and employees provided a unique viewpoint into my possible future professional life. One company that stood out to me most was Bank of America. Being greeted on the 51st floor by probably the best view in Manhattan immediately told me that this visit would stand out from the rest. As the main speaker, Rosa, introduced herself, I was extremely impressed at the fact that such a senior member of the company took the time out of her day to speak with us. This also told me volumes about the company and its culture as a whole. She was by far one of the best speakers on the whole trip, and I was completely fascinated and inspired by what she had to say. I was also unexpectedly surprised to see one of my former coworkers sitting on the alumni panel, and catching up with him after the presentation made this visit much more meaningful than the rest. Before visiting Bank of America, I saw the company as a huge, faceless entity that I keep my money at. After visiting their building and speaking with their employees, I now see it as a collection of talented individuals who I could envision myself being a part of.

Zachary D Wilder

I had been looking forward to Bank of America ever since I was accepted into the road trip. Since my mom works within Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC, I was excited for the opportunity to hear about the bank from a fresh perspective. We were welcomed with open arms; out of the three road trips that I had been on, this was my favorite company visit. They brought us up to the 51st floor, bought us a lot of food, and made us feel truly important. A CTO within their global wholesale division came and spoke to us about the bank and many of the impressive statistics that Bank of America boasts. They were incredibly hospitable, and I really enjoyed my time there. I fully anticipate working/interning with them in the future.

Courtney Abrams

These past 2 days on the Finance/Consulting Road Trip were better than I ever would have imagined! While the structure of the trip was the same as the last one I had attended, my experience was totally different. I reached out to many Syracuse alum, really listened to them, and took in the advice they provided. Out of the 7 companies we visited, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, and EY were my favorites.

The common trend with these 3 companies and the thing that impacted me the most was that all of the employees said that they “loved their job.” None of them hesitated or talked about how much they look forward to a vacation, but they were truly passionate about the technology industry and what they were doing to benefit the company.

J.P. Morgan’s presentation was phenomenal and very engaging. The Syracuse alum were also extremely helpful in giving advice. I remember asking one of the members on the panel how she knew she wanted to get into this industry, and her answer shocked me. She said it took her a while to find the right fit. She interned at 4 different companies before coming to J.P Morgan, but has been there for the past few years because it was the right fit for her. That really stuck with me!

Bank of America had a very inspirational speaker who was a woman in the technology field, and not just any woman, but the CTO. This was very powerful and impactful and really said a lot about them as a company. Just like Bank of America, EY had a woman of very high stature in the field. Her speech, as well as the recent Syracuse alum at their company definitely had me leaving the company saying, “I REALLY want to work here.”  The culture there seemed friendly, challenging, collaborative and engaging. What more could you ask for in a company? I left feeling like I wanted to be a part of EY and that’s a very rewarding feeling that I guarantee I would not have felt without the opportunity to attend this Road Trip! Overall, it was an awesome 2-day trip, with great connections, students, staff, and alumni!


Dean Isaacson

As a Freshman coming into his first iSchool road trip, I was not exactly sure what to expect. I had only received positive feedback from students who had attended prior road trips and went in with high hopes. The financial and consulting industries always interested me, but I was not quite sure if they were the fields I could see myself going into.

While waking up for a 5am bus was not the most pleasant start to the trip, for anyone who that is their biggest dilemma with not attending a future road trip, it is more than worth it! Yes, that early start does set you up for two days of non stop on the go adventure which will absolutely wear you out by the time you get on the bus to head back to Syracuse. That being said, as I sit here in my dorm room the morning after returning a little later from NYC than expected and still having much exhaustion recovery to occur, it was 100% worth it. I personally gained countless knowledge on fields I previously thought I knew well, connections I never would have been able to gain without the trip, especially at this age (and grew my Linked In network!), and met others in the iSchool of all ages I never knew were there while having them become good friends. All of the older kids I met were not only extremely nice and supportive of me and the other freshman coming on the trip, but gave me priceless advice on how to take complete advantage of my time at SU, the iSchool, and how to start combing through the job market. The trip leaders were sensational. Everything from bringing snacks so we didn’t go hungry on the bus, reminding us to introduce our selves when asking a question (shout out to Julie), making sure we were getting everywhere (almost) on time, encouraging us to network with as many people as we possibly could at the alumni event (another shout out to Julie), scheduling some of the top firms in the financial and consulting industries in NYC while also having some of the top executives at those firms speak with us, to simply providing us with a great experience and making sure we had a phenomenal time, maybe that even included some snapchat shenanigans (SNAP ME BACK JEFF!).

As far as highlights of the trip, there were quite a few. J.P. Morgan and Chase was our first sit down with a panel of iSchool alumni and others from the firm and they did not disappoint. It was our first big time stop, and they knew just how to get our attention, free lunch. They gave us a great view of what a big time banking company (the biggest in America to be exact) looks like from the inside and how our background from the iSchool would prepare us for different roles within and outside their firm. Bank of America was one of those experiences that was an honor to be a part of. As we reached the 51st floor at One Bryant Park we stepped off the elevator and our jaws dropped to a spectacular panoramic view above the entire city. However, that was only the start. We had the privilege to have the Global Wholesale Banking CTO of the entire organization Rosa Ramos-Kwok, teach us some important lessons on how to achieve what ever we strive to in life as well as give us the rundown on BOA while inspiring most of us in the process. While every firm we visited was a unique and an awesome experience, my personal favorite part of the trip was without a doubt the iSchool alumni networking event. My Linked In network grew by not only a solid quantity but by phenomenal quality. I met some very energetic alumni excited to speak with us, give us advice, and connect! There were some whom had just graduated this past semester and others a little more seasoned but who were still excited to share their experience and advice with us. It was a great atmosphere with even better people. The rain couldn’t slow us down on that rooftop! I have since been in contact with some of the alumni I connected with and already have plans to meet up with one of them when they come visit ‘Cuse later this month. After the alumni event we hoped on the bus and headed to our hotel in Jersey, but the fun didn’t end with us getting on the bus. Jeff made sure we were entertained by some of our not so talented classmates getting on the microphone to sing a little karaoke which was definitely interesting. Once we made it back to our hotel near MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands, we had a town hall style debrief which most of us found as a helpful way to take in everything we had just been opened to and was a great way to end the day. Friday was another jammed packed day with lots going on. We visited Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs, but the firm that stuck out the most to me had to be EY. Ernst & Young came out and really sold us. They walked us through everything we wanted to know about consulting and the different sectors inside the consulting world. They pitched us more than solid reasons why EY was the place to start a career, and even brought in a high level executive to come speak directly with our group (her daughter is in the iSchool) which was a very unique and cool experience. The exec who met with us, Ms. Fitzmaurice, was even nice enough to leave us some business cards in case we wanted to connect.

One thing that we were all able to take away from our various visits over the course of the trip is that, almost every big firm has now become and is forced to become a technology company focused in the financial, consulting, or any other industry they are in. This is the reason we as iSchool students are so very sought after by large corporations and have among the highest job placement among our peers. At the conclusion of this trip after seeing what life in these industries is like, I could see myself deciding to become part of the financial or consulting worlds. I believe these road trips are extremely important, because they expose students to an inside look at industries we may consider going into for lifelong careers, help us decide whether or not a specific field is for us, and see just how information and technology is used at all different levels in different industries.



Eleanor Woodwell

Going on the road trip I did not know what to expect, I was not that familiar with the finance and consulting world prior to the trip. I was under the impression that people who worked for banks had majors such as accounting. I soon learned that all the companies we visited were technology companies that happened to be in the banking or consulting industry. This opened my eyes that technology is used across every field and I will be able to go in any direction with my degree.

Seeing the different companies, even though many of them did the same things, I was able to see the different cultures of the companies. I was drawn to specific companies due to the people they employed. The alumni networking event was extremely beneficial because I was able to talk to people who graduated from the iSchool so recently. So many of the alumni worked for different companies showing the vast opportunities there are. Many of them also gave me advice on how to optimize my time at Syracuse before I got into the working world. Such as different classes that are helpful, leadership programs and different resume seminars to look out for.

Ethan Wilcox

October 1 & 2 of 2015 I attended the iSchool Road Trip where we visited various consulting and finance firms in NYC. These two days were jam packed with visit after visit to firms like Deloitte, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, EY, etc. For me this trip was a great combination between old and new. Prior to Syracuse University I was a Business major at Florida Southern College, but never in my life did I imagine an opportunity in front of me to work at one of these big name firms. With the iSchool’s reputation we were treated like VIPs on this trip and we were strongly encouraged by each firm to apply to internship opportunities. After hearing about what each company had to say I felt that it would be a great way to integrate the new knowledge that I am gaining here at Syracuse with the old knowledge from Florida by working at one of these firms. Never in my life was I even interested in working at a firm… So that was a very big change. I walked away from this trip with a lot of new found knowledge, motivation, and confidence in the path that I am taking. I would highly recommend any student to attend one of these road trips for networking practice (we had abundant opportunities to do so), and to explore career paths because it is almost like shadowing. All in all, this trip was very exhausting, but it opened my eyes to a new perspective on my career path.

Alanna Zetchus

The iSchool Road Trip was a great opportunity that I was glad to be apart of. Initially, when I got accepted to the iSchool for Information Management and Technology I was very confused as to what that meant or what there was to do within the field. I am glad that I was able to go on this road trip because it helped me see the options there are when going into IT. I really liked how at the beginning I did not know anybody, but after the two days it felt like the iSchool was a family and that although I had not known anyone everyone was very friendly. My favorite places that we visited were JP Morgan and Chase and Bank of America. EY was also very awesome to go to and see and it was so cool to have a special guest. I thought that the Syracuse Alum panel was a great touch to the trip because those are people who’ve been in our position. The only dislike I had was I wish we had more of a chance to see like the day in the life of the workers and what ACTUALLY gets done. Overall I am happy to have had a chance at this opportunity and could only wish to go on another iSchool road trip.

Anil Mahesh

The Finance and Consulting Road Trip was an incredibly rewarding experience for me as an individual who has significant interest in the finance industry. Every aspect of the trip kept me engaged with ease.

J.P.Morgan and Goldman Sachs are firms that I have had interest in for years so the chance to explore their facilities and speak with employees was one I was glad to jump on. Both firms lived up to my high expectations, solidifying my interest in pursuing a career in finance. What impressed me most about them was how easy they made it to pivot in your career within the firms. The consulting firms also kept my interest which surprised me since I had never considered pursuing a career in consulting prior. Traveling often for work is something that I could see myself doing early in my career. One individual I met at Deloitte described to me the benefits of the frequent business trips saying the exposure he’s getting so early in his career will benefit him greatly, leading me to look more into the industry.

The best part of the trip was the Alumni networking event on Thursday night. While there, I was able to attain numerous valuable connections. Since being home I have already contacted the individuals I met and have been extended offers to contact them with any questions I have. This trip opened many doors for me and has made me more eager to go after more experiences that expose me to new fields and professionals.


Audrey Marcello

I want to start off by saying that I enjoyed visiting each company; they were all very impressive. Also I love New York City and want to work in the city after college. However there were two companies that really stood out to me and that I could see myself working for in the future. The first company was Bank of America. Besides the fact that we were allowed on the 51st floor, the company seemed genuinely interested in us. They said that they would email us in the future with opportunities, which I’m looking forward too. Being able to listen and talk to the CTO was amazing. Overall the presentation from Bank of America was impressive. I could definitely see myself interning and working at the company. The second company was Goldman Sachs. What stood out to me at Goldman Sachs is that they employees made me think of a different career path with my degree that I haven’t thought of. Auditing never came across my mind before visiting Goldman Sachs. Now it’s a career that I will definitely look into more. In addition, Goldman Sachs seemed interested in hiring us.  Overall, I enjoyed networking with alumni. At the alumni event Thursday, I talked with former GAs and they gave me some good tips.

Jarred Kraszewski

As a freshman, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on my first ever iSchool road trip. Being an ambitious person that likes to take advantage of opportunities, I knew I wanted to apply. I was excited when I got accepted to go on the road trip. Now that is actually happened, it even surpassed my expectations.

If I had to describe this trip in one word, I would choose the word “amazing.” I absolutely loved spending 2 days in New York City, because it is one of my favorite places. I thought it was a very well organized trip, and I give credit to everyone that made it possible. Personally, it is my dream to work in New York City, so it was super cool to see recent SU alumni already living that dream. It was also awesome meeting so many executives, rather than just recruiters from the companies. For example, having the opportunity to hear from Edwina Fitzmaurice at Ernst & Young was incredible. This trip broadened my mind as to what field I would like to go in. Personally, I found cybersecurity very interesting. My favorite visit would have to be Bank of America. Not only because of the great view, but because the whole vibe seemed great. The speakers absolutely loved their jobs, which is important. I would definitely recommend road trips to all iSchool students, and I am looking forward to going on many more.

Tim Kowalsky

This road trip was very solid. To be honest I only had a very small amount of prior knowledge about what consultants did, and I originally thought that I would never want to be one. However, I’m now writing this after completing applications to EY and Deloitte.

I think what changed my mind was the fact that I was looking at consulting firms as places that employees get stuck in, rather than places where they develop their skills and learn about the industries where they want to make their next move into. There is a huge aspect of growing your own personal network as you do work for clients in diverse industries. Building off of that, I also liked the fact that consultants do not know what kind of project they will be working on next, or where they will be traveling to, or who their teammates will be. Having a standard 9-5 in the same office everyday would make me go crazy, and though it is a fact that consultants work crazy hours and travel a ton, mobility is something that recent graduates can handle. Not to mention you expense most things and will eventually be upgraded every time you fly because you practically live at the airport.

Overall consulting firms basically provide the same services, what makes them different comes down to culture and how they treat employees. Having now stepped foot into some of the most prominent firms and had the opportunity to speak candidly with their employees, I think I have gained valuable insight into a potential career path. This couldn’t have happened without the road trip.

Wyatt Bourdeau

As a junior, visiting organizations has become increasingly important in helping determine the direction in which I want to take my search for an internship. Additionally, the relationships I’ve developed through networking on the road trip have been invaluable for my professional pursuits. This road trip has given me first-hand exposure to IT careers through interactive presentations and Q&A sessions at some of the top relevant organizations in the realm of the financial industry. The road trip also offered the unique opportunity to experience the cultures of each organization as we toured facilities and interacted with current employees of practice from top-level executives to new hires. From the experience I was able to develop a great sense of which organizations that I could envision myself having a future career with. Now I feel much more confident in what organizations I want to pursue an internship with, and what opportunities they have to offer me.

Matthew Deeb

The Road Trip to New York City was an incredibly informative trip for me. For the past year or so I have been thinking that I want to be a consultant. This trip turned me off to that idea. Speaking with one of the Deloitte analysts after the presentation, I was told that the older and more experienced employees make the strategic decisions. All younger employees do is prepare presentations and do reports in Excel. While I would do the busy work as a new employee anywhere, the idea of not getting to make any decisions is not something that sounds appealing to me. In contrast, the Goldman Sachs visit actually made me interested in internal audit. Before the trip, I had always thought of audit as part of accounting. Looking at financial statements and assuring they are accurate. Internal audit, evidently can take many forms that have nothing to do with financial statements. Speaking with our presenters during the tour I learned that internal audit can take many forms and being very technical or not. Additionally, our presenters passion (especially Mr. Hall) for internal audit made me want to do it. This trip was invaluable for me as it stopped me from pursuing a job in consulting and wasting several years of my life doing something that I hated. Another part of the trip that I enjoyed was going to New York City and spending time with my friends. In addition to the educational benefits, the trip is also great socially. It is fun to take a bus trip with some friends and get to spend a couple days together. The networking dinner was very cool as I got to see a couple of students that I knew who had graduated, including one of my former peer mentors. 

Chris Whelan

This trip was hands down the best experience I have ever had at a school sponsored event in all my years of being in school. Visiting and touring the different companies and seeing their terrific buildings was inspiring. However the highlight of my trip was listening to these high level employees as well as alumni speak about how influential technology is in their field. That the whole reason that these companies can stay on top of the competition is the constant focus of implementation of the latest and greatest technologies. There was a common phrase that was echoed in various ways by each of the financial companies which was “They are a technology company that happens to be in the financial business.” A lot of the people we spoke with in the financial sector talked about how important the technology background is but to also expand your horizons from data basing to some sort of financial classes. This definitely gave me something to think about as to what I should maybe take as a minor in to improve my chances to work for one of these companies. I really enjoyed visiting as well with the biggest consulting firms in the world. Hearing employees as well as their superiors talk about how great a Syracuse University education is reassured me that I made the right decision in coming here and that I will be prepared when it is time for me to enter the working world. For example EY talking about how they are the largest SU recruiter shows how fond they are of the readiness of their graduates.

Also the networking events after each visit and at the Beer Authority was terrific. I was able to speak to alumni from Syracuse and learn about their personal experiences as to how Syracuse prepared them for their positions that they are currently in. I was also able to speak about myself and what my goals are, what I am studying and where I hope to be in the future. These events were great also because after speaking with some former alumni they gave me there personal emails or business cards to send over my resume personally. What I stated in the paragraph above as well as in this one has also helped me to narrow down what internships I want to pursue and apply to for the summer of July 2016.

Being a transfer student this trip has helped me to also get to know some of my current classmates as well as faculty at SU. This was great because it only allowed me to be more engaged in the iSchool community and feel more a part of the family. It has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my decision of transferring here. Overall I can not stress how grateful I am for having this opportunity that was presented to me. I really appreciate SU for allowing this to happen as well as appreciate the hard work and dedication of the staff that made this trip possible. It gave me so much knowledge as well as determination to continue to do well in my studies to hopefully get a job at one of these terrific companies that we visited. I hope that these events continue to happen and will apply again to the next one because nothing but great knowledge and contacts can come from the experience.


Zhihan Wang

My name is Zhihan Wang. I’m an International transfer student with the major of Information Management and Technology in iSchool. Thanks for my teachers and faculty members of our school, that I could get this great opportunity to be a member of this significant road trip in my college life! I’ve learned far more than I expected and gained many friends among this trip.

We visited Fidelity, JPMorgan Chase & Co., KPMG and Bank of America in the first day, and I was really impressed by the atmospheres of these big companies. Almost all of us were attracted by the sceneries and the company culture of them, and we heard from our alumna and alumni that how they got their jobs and what they prepared for getting these jobs. I think it’s really helpful for freshmen, sophomore and even juniors to think over what they want to be in their future career.

The other event that impressed me a lot was the City event night. It’s my first time to meet such many alumna and alumni at a single event. I talked with many of them and heard their experience in college as well as their working experience. It’s really fun when we found our similarities like the same cites that we’ve visited before and the hobbies we love most. Furthermore, they gave me lots of advice and I even got connected with most of them. Afterwards, when we went back, we had a pizza night. All of us shared what we learned and our thoughts with each other. Although it’s a little bit late at that time, we were all very spirited to speak and listen from others.

In the second day, we visited EY, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs. They are really successful companies in the field of financial and consulting as well, and it’s a really valuable experience for all of us.

Thanks for our great teacher Jeff, Julie, Barbara and other teachers, we had a really wonderful road trip! Without their help and conscientiousness, it’s impossible for us to enjoy such a wonderful road trip with two days.

This experience really opened my mind, and taught me to be humble to everything new in my life. Before I joined this road trip, I thought I would be working as a programmer or data analyst in my future career. Since I have limited knowledge in financial and consulting, I used to think that I would never be able to get into these companies. However, after hearing stories from our alumna and alumni, I’m now determined that as long as I work harder, I will be strong

enough to get into these companies sooner or later. I still have time to take classes related to business and financial, and I know that I have the backbone to work hard toward my new goal.

I’m really appreciate that Syracuse University could give me this great opportunity to get a closer look of the financial and consulting industries in NY, and I’m really proud of being a member of iSchool. This road trip really inspired me and helped me think further of my future career.

Finally, I’m determined that I’ll still apply for the next road trip. It’s really a great opportunity to learn things that far beyond our textbooks. As an iSchool student, we should not only enhance our professional qualities, but also we have to learn and practice how to interact with people in work and in life.

Austin Rhoads

I want to start by saying that I had a fantastic time on the New York City Business road trip and I truly appreciate the opportunity it offers to the students. The latest road trip was my fourth time accompanying my classmates and our wonderful chaperones. I can also say with the highest level of certainty that you cannot get the same experience outside of the Hinds hall in any other school here at Syracuse, let alone for around $80.00 a student. Before going on this trip, I can remember pondering about when the iSchool was going to have a consulting road trip? As there is a large consulting focus for many undergraduate students. Not only did the trip provide a personal insight form many of the largest consulting firms, it also accompanied a strong financial focus. Personally, this trip was a huge home run as I am now in my junior year in the iSchool and still deciding which of these two avenues to venture down. I recently began a year round internship with the brokerage firm Scottrade, yet also found Enterprise Consulting (IST 400) to be a phenomenal career path.

Visiting Fidelity Investments hit very close to home, as I was given the opportunity to join them as a mainframe intern in the New Jersey office last summer. Now working at Scottrade and visiting the firm completely did a one hundred and eighty degree flip. It was nothing like I had imagined and seemed to lack energy and passion for working with people. I did not completely understand that Fidelity Investments is not one of the normal online brokerage firms, instead they want your mother and father to roll over their 401k or open up an account to start saving for their child’s college fund. I asked our tour guide if he knew if Fidelity was a self-clearing firm, meaning did they clear the orders themselves or send it out to a third party service. His response was “I don’t know, don’t you want to third party it”. I do not agree that you would want to third party it, but mainly found his response to set the tone for the entire New York City Fidelity office. Overall it was a wonderful visit and was amazed at all the different opportunities that they offer student to join their investment firm. I appreciated the opportunity to join them last summer but now gained the insight that it does not directly fit with who I am.

J.P Morgan chase was a very welcoming visit and showed how extensive the love is for Syracuse University and its potential future employees. Each of these visits have the opportunity to light a spark in one or many of the students that accompany the trip. If even a single student, like my new freshman buddy James decides that he has a burning passion to begin his career at J P Morgan chase, I believe that you could not ask for a more successful result of the iSchool road trips. To directly impact a college student’s choice after graduation, helping him or her network with alumni that will help them get where they want to be is an incredible and successful result of these trips. I believe that my curiosity about the J.P Morgan Chase that everyone has been talking about for the past 3 years while at Syracuse is now settled, understanding how it was not a direct fit with who I am.

The Lubbin house and KPMG was fantastic, but the next visit I would like to talk about is Ernst & Young. I would like to start with saying that you can truly feel the different cultures and atmospheres of these companies almost immediately after walking in the front door. I felt that EY really gave off the impression of being the biggest and best, while they had the young students in the room drinking the cool aid. They want to almost double the size of their consulting presence in the upcoming 5 years, and need the well trained and equipped iSchool students to do so. It was an unbelievable experience to have a high up stakeholder join the discussion and show her passion for the company. I believe that the presentation alone will strongly influence many of the potential young consultants to choose the elite Ernst & Young. Personally, after understanding the direction the firm is taking, I also learned that Ernst and Young is not for me. With over 50,000 consultants, you are competing internally to develop a footprint and move up in the career latter. For someone who would devote 15-20 years at a single firm to become a partner, I do not see a potential to reach that goal at EY. I am not saying it would be impossible, I am just find it highly unlikely. In addition I want to develop lifelong coworkers who become close friends. With a firm of 250,000 you might not have that possibility.  On a side note, before entering EY I purchased 30 JC Penny call options @.35 each while on the bus. While sitting in the presentation for EY, I had a limit order to sell the call options @.55 each AON. The limit order went off like clockwork for a 57.1 % gain (Thank you EY & JC Penny’s).

For this trip, I personally got the most out of my visits to Bank of America and Goldman Saks. I can honestly say that those names were not on my radar before this trip. I was impressed with how down to earth and welcoming Bank of America was and what their brand represents to me. I had a wonderful conversation about my interests with Erica and she pointed me toward an investment banking internship. After reading the story about how one of the Investment Banking interns sadly committed suicide after being over worked last year (do not remember which banking firm he worked at) Bank of America did not seem like it would be anywhere near extreme regardless of how hard it might push its interns. From top leadership down to its associates, the idea of wanting us to work there was really pushed home. I cannot stress enough how these road trips open up completely new avenues for all of the students.

Lastly, I cannot believe that Goldman Saks and an internship in internal audit is now on my radar. After talking with the recruiter, joining Goldman Saks would allow me to learn about the entire securities process from placing an order to getting the shares in your account. Joining the company would allow me to first understand the entire process from start to finish, and then go and do anything in the securities field. It would be a perfect starting point, however I am sure it is an extremely competitive position.

I joined this trip thinking I would like more of a career in consulting, and left wanting to apply for positions at Goldman Saks and Bank of America. These trips are essential to students, I cannot really give a better example of how successful these trip are and I am just one out of 44! I did not take the time to write this much on my Ancient Greece essay (although everyone already understands why Sparta was so unique?). I care about these road trips and I hope they continue for generations of iSchoolers to come! It was a wonderful time and a wonderful experience.


Stephen Nemy

Deloitte was one of the companies that I had especially looked forward to visiting.  This was because I had some previous experience with this firm after participating in their Consulting Apprenticeship Program and my first peer advisor at the iSchool was also one of the presenters.  Having my peer advisor there was almost surreal as this was my third road trip and finally the presenters that had previously seemed so foreign had turned into people that I actually knew.  It finally seemed real that I could actually turn into one of them one day.

I believe that Deloitte was not only one of the most professional presentations but also one of the most informative as far as what they do in their day to day roles.  We began the visit with information about what each of our presenters do in their roles and their extra-curricular activities to get involved in the community and with their co-workers.  They encourage employees to participate on sports teams or tutor out in the community which was something that I did not think would happen at a big four firm where working 60 hour weeks seems to be the norm.

One part of the presentation that stood out the most to me was when they explained their use of SAP’s technology solutions in their Enterprise Resource Planning System.  All of the technological solutions that they came up with went into their SAP Accelerator Program.  This was their way of using previously proven solutions and applying them to other companies that face similar problems.  This set their presentation apart from others that we had seen in my opinion because we had not heard about how other companies go through their consulting work and that really interested me.

Julia Torres

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of the iSchool road trip. It was an amazing experience. I met so many people; both Syracuse students as well as alumni and learned so much. As a freshman it is early to begin thinking about my career, but this trip helped me to see the work environment I want to be a part of. By going to seven different companies I really got a feel for the work places I would fit into and those I may not like. This exposure is so helpful to me in that I can now work for the next four years and strive to end up at companies like EY, Bank of America, and Deloitte which I loved. It meant a lot to see how much the companies value their employees and the lengths they will go to in order to provide them with a happy work experience in the field they enjoy. The companies were so generous in taking the time to speak to us and giving us their knowledge on classes to take or programs to be a part of. I learned more than I ever imagined through both the presentations and networking. I was able to speak with alumni and understand through them how it is to work at a big consulting firm or bank. Through this trip I now feel that I have a much better understanding of how IT plays a role in big companies and the lines of work in which I can pursue

Jason Coby Reif

The iSchool road trip was my first real interaction with the iSchool. I had just joined this semester and did not know much about it. After experiencing the Road trip, I got closer to peers in my class, met extremely important people working in the industry I aspire to be in, and had a great time overall. My favorite part easily had to be the networking event. There were graduates who had just recently finished Syracuse and only been working for a year. I learned more about what it’s like to work in a IT position that one night, than any other event in my life. Not only that, I got a clear picture about the culture of every organization we went to. This was extremely vital to me because I applied to all those places and had no idea what the differences were between them! This trip allowed me to choose the corporation that had the best culture for me and informed me how to get a position. After I came back, I had told all my other classmates about it and we all plan on applying for the next road trip. I really have to say, for whoever is reading this, the people who made this trip happen did a phenomenal job. It’s not everyday you see someone who truly cares and dedicate so much time and effort in something as simple as a road trip. But their effort had surely proved itself worth it, because I would consider this road trip one of the highlights of my academic career so far. It set in stone my future with the iSchool and I’ve never been so glad to be apart of something. I just wanted to say thank you once again and hopefully, I’ll see you guys on the next one!

Seun Aboderin

The past two days were some of the most memorable days of my life. I am blessed to have had this wonderful opportunity and it is something I will surely cherish for a long time. As I was sitting on the bus during the ride back to Syracuse, I plugged in my headphones and started my playlist. I wanted to zone out. I wanted to reflect and sort of digest everything that happened within the last 48 hours, but for some reason I just couldn’t. The fact that a few hours prior, I was sitting in the Goldman Sachs headquarters didn’t quite make sense to me. To many, this trip was merely another iSchool road trip, a networking opportunity, or just another way to make your friends envy you on Snapchat. For me, this trip was definitely all of the above, but ultimately it served as a source of motivation. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment, and a sense of pride. I truly felt proud of myself for how far I have come and for how far I am going, and that feeling does not come so often. A moment that stuck out to me was when we stood outside JPMorgan Chase Co. for a group picture. As I looked across the street at the sign that read “East 48th and Park Avenue” I just shook my head in awe. On my first visit to New York, approximately five months ago, I stood at that very corner with my father and took pictures of every building in sight. I told him “Wow, the famous Park Avenue! I’m going to be back here, just watch.”, and he told me to go for it. I certainly did not think that five weeks into school I’d be eating lunch in the JPMorgan Global Headquarters listening to executives and recent grads speak.  To know that my hard work does not go in vain and that my dreams are within reach was huge for me, it gave me a sense of purpose. Although that was the defining moment for me, it certainly was not all that I took away from the trip. Every company we visited was great, they all displayed a great deal of professionalism and class. The fact that each one of them had nothing but exemplary things to say about their respective firms and more importantly about Syracuse University was inspiring. I know I still have a long road ahead, but I know that I am on my way and with hard work and dedication I will eventually reach my goals. So to the great people at JPMC, KPMG, BofA, EY, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs, thank you for your hospitality. And to Mrs. Barbara Settel, Sarah Weber, Julie Walas-Huynh, Jeff Rubin, and anyone else who helped contribute, I would like to express my gratitude to you all. You guys truly make a difference.

MacKenzie Silvia

Going into the Road Trip as a freshman I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I felt a little uncomfortable about going because I really wasn’t sure how to relate Finance and Consulting companies to technology and I still am not sure what I want to do with my major or even what I able do with it after graduation.

After our first visit on the trip, I began to feel more comfortable and realized that this is a learning process. My favorite company visit was definitely Ernst & Young. I really enjoyed visiting here because I feel as if I almost had a “connection” to the company. The week before we left for the Road Trip, I went to an event here at Syracuse run by EY. This event was called Women in Technology and had numerous SU alums that are currently employees at EY. I felt more confident visiting this company because I already knew a lot about it and I had already met some employees that work there.

This Road Trip definitely proved to me that I can see myself working in companies like these in the future. I enjoyed seeing and noting how all of the companies have a really different atmosphere and vibe to them. I noticed that I could actually tell when the workers were being genuine about how they felt towards their jobs. Companies like Bank of America had very powerful and important people in their business take time out of their day to speak with us. I just think it was really clear to see what companies valued us being there to visit and what companies really valued their vacation time over their jobs.

This trip definitely helped me better understand how technology can play major roles in many different kinds of businesses. I learned a lot about all of the different things you can do with a degree from the iSchool and I was exposed to the many different jobs that people all with the same major can have. I am very pleased with this Road Trip and I hope to partake in many more throughout my time in the iSchool.

Tobin Fleming

Looking back on this road trip, I can definitely say I got a lot of information out of it that I never knew, or that I need to know for the future. Going into the road trip as a freshman I had no idea what to expect. After the first visit it at Fidelity, it gave me a good feel for what to expect the rest of the trip. After the first day and visiting the companies we did, I felt so much more enlightened and knowledgeable before going on this trip. I knew what went on behind the scenes of huge companies like J.P. Morgan and Chase and Bank of America. I saw what opportunities they offered and if it fit me or not. Although, being able to here from one of the top Cyber Security Manager’s in J.P. Morgan Chase made me feel better about going into that field and letting me know what I need to do in order to get there. I was very impressed by all the companies and loved how nicely they treated us because they want to recruit us. I made me feel special on how well everything was set up and how much they wanted Syracuse Students. Later on at the Alumni Event at Beer Authority, I had a wonderful time. I thought it was great how us students got to mingle around with the Alumni, make connections, talk about school, and what we need to do to be as successful as we can. The Alumni Event allowed me to see what job opportunities there were in the field of information studies and really see how past students like or love their jobs, what they recommend and give us an overview what its like right out of college going into the real world. The second day, was a great success as well. Ernst and Young and Delloitte really showed us why they wanted us, and what was in it for us. It was a great opportunity to see the difference between the Finance Firms and the Consulting firms and what each of them did differently. It was amazing to be able to listen to people super high up in these companies and listen to what they do, why they need us, and just feel honored by being able to do this.

Overall this trip was a major success for me. It showed me the difference between consulting and finance firms because before going on this trip, I thought they were the same thing. Now I see what goes on behind the scenes in the company and what positions I believe I would like if I applied for one of those companies. After going to all the different companies, I believe I would rather be in the Consulting field than the Financial because it would be a good start to your career and a base to lead off of. I love to travel and they are traveling a lot, they get to work with different clients which means more networking and you can see many different areas for jobs in the real world this way. It was a long and tiring trip for sure, but I came out of it way more knowledgeable and feeling better about being able to get an internship or a job out of college. I know what classes I need to take, and what to do in the future to get the best out of college to prepare me for the future.

Jessica Rizzo

The roadtrip for me was a rewarding experience. As a IM&T major and a finance minor this trip really benefitted me in showing what I would be doing with my job later in life and if I liked it. Personally, I liked the way the trip was set up and how the companies showcased what they offered in jobs and how they work with their employees. Personally, I thought the networking event at the rooftop bar was one of the best activities on the trip because you really got to talk to different SU alum in a more relaxed setting than a company, and learn more about the job, what different classes helped them from the iSchool, and what exactly you do in each company or job.

Personally, I really enjoyed visiting Bank of America, and EY. By taking us up to the 51st floor in the Bank of America tower it really impressed everyone, and the fact that some of the employers haven’t even been past the 5th floor really showed that they wanted to impress us and have us work for them in the future. I think that they’re speaker was really passionate about what she did and it really showed that she enjoyed working at the company and was never regretting coming to the office any day. When I was talking to someone during the Q&A time, I learned that the company is willing to work with you if you would like to switch departments. The fact that they would almost cater to your needs once you got the job really made me happy.

I also really enjoyed EY and their presentation. It was very informative and if I was to apply to a job today for EY I would know exactly what I wanted to do. That to me was very helpful. All the companies that we visited whether I liked them or not really explained to me what I would be doing with my major and minor in real life. That to me was the most important thing. Being a sophomore I basically know nothing about consulting or finance and only knew small details of what I would be doing. To actually go into the companies and hear different jobs in this field, and listen to Syracuse alum talk about how Syracuse prepared them so well comforted me. I knew that I was in good hands and would land an amazing job at these huge financial firms. It also taught me a lot about what I’d be doing and have an actual title of job for what I wanted to do. This trip really showed me what my future would look like and what I’d be doing.

Overall I thought this trip was really helpful in the aspect of networking and learning about the different jobs you can get in the consulting and financial firms. Personally I gained a lot from this trip whether it was due to networking, figuring out exactly what I wanted to do, or just making new friends. I really connected with people in the iSchool while getting to experience a something that no other schools can do. I would recommend to anyone to go on a road trip because all of the positive rewarding experiences that came out of it.



Amy Fink

Being a senior graduating this fall, I am currently in the process of searching for my professional career. After attending information sessions and the Career fair, I got a better understanding of what positions companies are currently offering, but going on the road trip shows a firsthand glimpse of what it would be like to work for these top consulting companies. Having an interest in Fidelity before the trip, it was interesting seeing what their company was like in the New York City office. While we were told that their main offices are located elsewhere, if I were to work for Fidelity NYC would be the place I would like. That is why I was excited to see what their office was like. I liked how throughout our tour their primary focus was on how we, as iSchool students, could work for Fidelity. They talked about the Leap program and I am very interested in it. Next, at JP Morgan, their primary focus was on the importance of security. It was nice to see a lot of Syracuse alumni currently working there at this presentation. At Bank of America, I believe that Rosa Ramos-Kwok was very inspirational. It was great to hear a woman with a manager position in a very well respected company. Also, at this visit they emphasized the importance of a company’s budget on technology (BOA’s budget is greater than Yahoo’s yearly revenue!) They are strong believers that technology provides a foundation for a customer base, but connecting all of the millions of users. At EY, it was also great to see so many familiar faces. They talked a lot about their TAP program which teaches how technology enables improved business performance. They explained how with working at EY, adaptability is very important because you may not know what you will be doing the next week. At our visit at Deloitte they explained how they use technology to solve business challenges by applying technology based innovation. Lastly, at Goldman Sachs, I enjoyed the most when they discussed how auditing allows you to build your expertise in multiple areas.  After attending all of these consulting and finance businesses, what stuck out to me the most is that they all described their companies as “Technology based companies that specializes in ______.” This really stuck out to me because it shows that what I have been learning in the iSchool for the past 4 years will be applicable in my future.

Allison Baehr

This past road trip was the second I have been on, and my favorite of the two. As a finance and IMT major, I really felt at home when I went on this trip, and I felt that absolutely everything they had to say was relevant to me and my future. I could really see myself working for any of the companies we visited. What I really got out of this trip was how marketable my academic program is. I am a finance, supply chain and IMT major. I never realized how many opportunities I have as someone who has experience in SAP software, SQL, and having a strong background in finance.

This trip really showed me all that I can do. When we went to EY and they were talking about BAP, RAP and TAP, I realized I could do any of those. Meanwhile, we then went to Goldman Sachs, and I realized I could do internal audit, and with my experience in investment banking at Whitman, I could switch into banking at the same company. Therefore, my most important takeaway that I have from this trip is that no matter what company I end up with after graduation, the company has to be a flexible one. I don’t want to go to a company where I am unable to pivot my career and use the wide background that I have come from. Overall, I met a lot of new people on this trip and came to a really big revelation about myself and the type of company I am looking for. I enjoyed this trip a lot, which made the exhaustion worth it.

Amanda Salmon

Overall, I had a really great time on the road trip. For me I just transferred into the iSchool from Arts and Sciences so going on this trip really helped me to see the career opportunities that I could have with a degree in IT. This trip showed me that finance may not be my main interest and something I want to do after graduation, but I am glad I got to go on the trip see the different companies and find out that this may be something I am not interested in. However, at one of the companies (EY) when talking to Edwina she showed that although you may be working for a finance company it is really a technology company and you can use your degree in many different ways. EY was really nice in that they allowed for a lot of flexibility where you could try different jobs and really find what you like and were passionate about.

In addition, I had no idea that internal audit could be a career option for someone with a major in Information Management and Technology. When we visited Goldman Sachs they talked about how technology used in audit is becoming increasingly popular and they are looking for people with strong technical backgrounds to help them. Overall, I think this trip helped to show me that although finance may not be my primary interest, it is definitely something to consider because it offers so much flexibility. I really loved how EY kind of talked about shaping your career to what you like to do. Overall, I really learned that these are technology companies that happen to do finance. Also, my favorite thing that I learned at J.P. Morgan from one of the alum was that “Networking is one letter away from not working.” The trip was a really fun experience and helped me to learn how to better network and connect with employers as well as alum. Being able to speak to such high-ranking people within the companies was an amazing experience that I probably would never get if I did not attend this road trip.

Lindsay Withers

The Business of NYC Roadtrip was the second I’ve participated in during my time with the iSchool. I enjoyed both experiences, and found that I was able to compare and contrast different opportunities that are offered to IT students across different industries and geographic locations. New York really opened my eyes to the opportunities offered in consulting as well as the financial services industry. While the roadtrip is a great way to network and develop relationships with recruiters, it also provides a preview of what it might be like to work for these organizations. One of the most valuable things I think to be learned from this roadtrip is how we as individuals can develop and build our own career paths after we leave the iSchool.

Having traveled to 3 of the big 4 consulting firms, I picked up on a common theme. Recruiters from all 3 of these companies stressed the importance of finding what it is that you love, and doing it. 3 of the big 4 believe that you shouldn’t apply for a job just because it’s with a certain company, but because it’s the job that will let you do what you’re best at. As an undergrad applying to full time jobs, I found this advice to be invaluable. I also found that it’s not necessarily about what you know, but how you apply it, and your willingness to learn/grow. One of my favorite visits on the trip was to Bank of America. We heard from Rosa M. Ramos-Kwok, CTO of Global Wholesale Banking. She was able to share with us how much of an impact technology has on the every aspect of the bank. Being able to hear from someone so influential about our relevance in the banking industry as IT students reassured me (and everyone, I’m sure) that I am in the right place here at the iSchool. In addition to hearing from the CTO, I enjoyed the Q&A with multiple iSchool alumni at Bank of America as well as at the other visits we made around the city.


Seeing the familiar faces of the iSchool alumni settled into these impressive positions always makes the trip worthwhile. It shows how far the Syracuse and iSchool networks extend after college. We were able to draw connections between different courses and professors at the iSchool to a number of roles at these companies. Being able to see the iSchool curriculum and a career in IT come full circle is a truly wonderful experience that I might not have had if I didn’t sign up for this roadtrip.

Kristy Malley

The iSchool road trip was particularly useful for me in solidifying that I want to go into the consulting/IT finance industry when I graduate. Through visiting these companies, I was able to gain an understanding of what the finance and consulting culture is like and determine which of the companies I might be interested in pursuing for internships and jobs. My favorite was Ernst & Young, because they seem like a firm that not only takes great pride in what they do, but also takes pride in their people and culture. In addition, I found that networking with iSchool alumni was an extremely valuable experience. I was able to hear advice and gain insight from many alumni which I will certainly take with my as I continue on to the “real world.”

Lily Kim

I had just transferred into the iSchool this semester and was unsure whether or not I wanted to go on this trip because I didn’t think I was ready in my knowledge of technology to network without any experience in this field. I never in a million year imagined myself working at a bank or as a consultant, but to my surprise, I loved the trip and every aspect of it. Something I thought I would never consider as part of my career path after graduating, I now see as a very possible option for my future.

To start off, my favorite part of the trip was the alumni event because of the amount of networking we were able to do. I have already contacted numerous alumni about different opportunities and was able to learn more about their experiences after they graduated from Syracuse University. It was interesting to learn about all the pros and cons of working at these different companies from the perspective of SU alumni.

There were two companies that stuck out to me the most (Bank of America and Ernst & Young). The panelists as well as the key-note speaker at Bank of America spoke with passion about what they did and were very genuine about their jobs within the corporation. It seemed as though they really cared about the students in the iSchool and wanted to reach out to students who were interested. At Ernst and Young, it felt like there was an immense amount of support and team effort in working with their client. They also talked about how in the first two years at EY, there are opportunities to look into different jobs within the firm, which showed how willing they were to keep their employees.

The trip nonetheless helped me realize that there were many more options for my career path than I had anticipated. The alumni event as well as the many other sites we visited left me very open minded to opportunities that may come my way. I left the trip knowing iSchool is unique of the colleges within SU and it’s that family feel you get from everyone, from peers to administrators, who want you to succeed.

Matt Eisenhauer

This past weekend I was lucky enough to road trip with the iSchool to New York City. I was hesitant at first about the whole trip; I have yet to go to a career fair and at the time did not have too much experience networking. Now that it’s over, I could not be happier I attended. The things I learned hands on at the seven companies we visited were priceless. Thanks to the great conversations I had with Ernst and Young employees, I have become really interested in pursuing consulting as a career. The idea of always traveling and working with a team to solve new problems all the time excites me career-wise.  In general, I gained a lot of experience networking which I find to be so important when it comes to starting your career. As we learned on our visit to JP Morgan Chase, “networking is one letter away from not working.” I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have gone on this trip and am very excited to find out about the next one so I can hopefully continue to expand my network and search for more potential career paths.